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by Věra Tůmová | Residential

More brownfield sites in Prague are set for new residential development. Czech developer Ekospol is planning its big comeback to the domestic development scene and wants to build 2,000 flats in Prague's Zličín district within 10 years. It is now waiting for the necessary permits to start building Ekocity Zličín, company spokesman Filip Sušanka told Property Forum today. 

A brand new urban district with approximately eight thousand flats on an area of 470,000 sqm will start to grow in Prague's Zličín district soon. In addition to the developer Central Group, its smaller developer colleague Ekospol is also planning to build here. The total area Ekospol is preparing to develop on the Zličín brownfield is 110,000 sqm, says Filip Sušanka to Property Forum. Under the Ekospol banner will be built approximately 2,000 residential units near the terminus of the B metro line. The apartments will be in various types of buildings. According to Sušanka, the rough estimate of the total investment for the Ekocity Zličín project so far is around CZK 10 billion. 

"The area of the planned construction now includes halls, small business premises, car parks and warehouses. During the nine stages of construction we will build variously tall apartment buildings and blocks, a central square with shops and services, a large park that will connect to the local pond Hliník and a footbridge for pedestrians and cyclists over a large road," calculates Filip Sušanka. According to him, Ekospol is also working intensively on the project directly with the city.  For example, it is now discussing with the municipality the construction of a kindergarten in about half of all stages and also envisages allocating space for the construction of an elementary school. According to Sušanka, the tram line from Řepy to Zličín should also be extended during the ten-year construction period. 

"The project is now only at the beginning of the approval process. It is not clear when we will be able to start construction, given the length of the approval process," states Filip Sušanka. However, he said that a total of 347 housing units should be built in the first phase and then another phase of the project should follow every year.