News Article Bratislava Edvin residential Slovakia
by Property Forum | Residential

Edvin Properties is a newcomer to the Slovak real estate market. Its project of Mýtna 37 apartment building in Bratislava's Old Town has received a binding opinion from the capital, rather fast - within six months. 

The residence will complete the exposed corner of Mýtna and Šancová Streets on the outskirts of Bratislava city centre. Mýtna 37 will have eight above-ground floors facing Šancová Street and seven above-ground floors facing Mýtna Street. Both wings will be connected by a glass core. The concept design is a result of an invited architectural competition won by the studio Kuklica Smerek architekti in 2022. This year, the investor has managed to purchase a small plot of land near the project, so it could expand the project to 69 apartments. Parking is provided underground, the developer has planned a green park in the inner block. The estimated construction start is the beginning of 2026, the project should be completed within two years. 

The founder of the new boutique development and consulting company Edvin Properties, Jozef Šimek, has a 20-year career in the real estate business. Before founding Edvin Properties, he gained experience in Penta Real Estate. He also worked as a 50 per cent shareholder in the company Occam, where he continues to cooperate in projects such as Tesla Residence, which will bring 192 housing units in Košice, and he is a co-investor in the Vápenice family house project in Záhorská Bystrica in Bratislava.