News Article Dedeman Element Industrial investment logistics
by Property Forum | Industrial

Brothers Adrian and Dragoș Pavăl, the owners of the retailer Dedeman, took over 70% of the company through which the businessman Ionuț Dumitrescu develops a logistics park in Craiova under the Eli Parks brand, informs. 


The owners of Dedeman have again associated with Ionuț Dumitrescu, after in 2019 they signed the same partnership in the case of Eli Park 1 near Bucharest. Now, Fortress REIT is close to signing the acquisition of this logistics park. 

Element Industrial announced the development of a 60,000 sqm logistics park in Craiova with a total investment of €35 million in 2019. The company is building the industrial project on an 11-hectare plot of land, near the Ford factory. 

Element Industrial is owned by businessman Ionuț Dumitrescu, who has partnerships with several Romanian businessmen to develop a consistent portfolio of logistics and industrial spaces. In addition to the warehouses in Chitila, Element is developing projects in Craiova and has plans for Târgoviște, Timișoara, with a total pipeline of 300,000 sqm in the coming years.