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The MBARE programme (MBA – Real Estate Investment, Development and Valuation) taught at the Prague University of Economics and Business, after only three years of operation, has been accredited by the international organization RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) for the field of commercial real estate and real estate valuation. It is the only accredited MBA programme of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe.

The connection with RICS will enable the Department of Corporate Finance and Valuation, which offers the MBARE programme, to take over knowledge from the field of real estate and their valuation much better and faster. At the same time, the Department becomes part of a professional platform whose interest is the cultivation of the real estate environment.

“RICS promotes ethical practices in the real estate market and at the same time strives to unify valuation practices between countries and regions,” explains the role of the professional organization Jaroslav Kaizr, programme director. “The accreditation of the MBARE programme by RICS concludes the first phase of the strategy for the development of education in the field of real estate in the Czech university environment. Another goal will be the development of a fully English international version of the MBARE programme, the consolidation and development of scientific research in the field of real estate economics,” he adds.

Accreditation gives graduates easier access to RICS members and also opens up interesting career opportunities. “When dealing with foreign partners or institutional investors, membership in RICS is a significant advantage. It shows knowledge, professionalism and quality,” Jaroslav Kaizr emphasizes the benefits for graduates.

Jaroslav Kaizr

Jaroslav Kaizr

Expert Director
MBARE programme, VŠE

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MBA – Real Estate Investment, Development and Valuation

The two-year MBA programme has been taught at the Faculty of Finance and Accounting since September 2018. Its students are mainly members of senior management of real estate and development companies and independent professionals operating on the Czech real estate market. Since its inception, the MBARE programme has been based on RICS standards in the field of ethics, valuation and insight into the real estate market. At the same time, RICS members teach in the programme – for example, RICS Czech Republic Chairman William Bucknell BSc (Hons) MRICS, world-renowned architect Ian Bogle MArch or Bert Hesselink MRICS from CTP, who developed the Art of Space project. In 2021, preparations will be made for the launch of the English version of the MBARE programme.