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by Property Forum | Office

A restaurant or a canteen, cycling facilities, a cash dispenser and a grocery store are the must-have amenities of an office building, reveals a survey conducted among the occupiers of office buildings under the management of Cushman & Wakefield.

A restaurant or a canteen

Close to two-thirds of all the respondents cited a restaurant or a canteen as the most important amenity in an office building.

“A vast majority of respondents (66%) cited a restaurant or a canteen as the top priority for tenants. The choice of a restaurant shows that being able to have a hot meal during the day is key to employees. This survey finding is significant and poses challenges for the owners and managers of office buildings who should include the presence of such spaces in planned service areas of new office projects or add catering facilities to existing buildings. Additionally, as the process of the commercialisation of a new building frequently takes months to complete, a sandwich delivery service may be a great solution for those wanting to have a quick and inexpensive lunch,” says Agnieszka Małysa-Bartos, Key Account Manager, Asset Services, Cushman & Wakefield.

Cycling facilities

Availability of cycling facilities came second and was indicated by more than half of all the respondents. This strong interest in cycling facilities stems from the ongoing healthy lifestyle and sustainability trends and is driven by the desire to cut commute times and maintain social distancing on public transport due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The second most important amenity among tenants is the presence of cycling facilities. Bicycle stands and shelters or designated areas in underground car parks, not to forget showers and locker rooms, are now standard in office buildings. During the pandemic, many people have taken to cycling as a safe alternative to public transport as it enables them to keep the right distance. This survey finding provides some guidance to the owners and property managers of older buildings whose cycling facilities leave a lot to be desired,” adds Agnieszka Małysa-Bartos.

Other amenities

The top choices were followed by such amenities as a cash dispenser (36%), a grocery store (32%) and a café (18%).

“A cash dispenser and a grocery store took the next spots in the ranking of useful amenities in office buildings. These choices are evidence of employees’ need for convenience and time optimisation. The absence of such amenities in a building is not, however, felt as acutely as in the case of the first two priorities indicated in the survey. Other amenities relevant to tenants include a café, a gym / fitness centre and a coworking office. All the above answers indicate the direction in which office landlords should go in order to gain a competitive advantage and create a vibrant and fully-let office building,” concludes Agnieszka Małysa-Bartos.

The survey was conducted using the CAWI method in June 2021 on a sample of 132 decision-makers in office space management (CEOs, Heads of Administration, Chief Operating Officers and Office Managers) in buildings under the management of Cushman & Wakefield.