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The Property Management Department of Cushman & Wakefield Echinox has expanded its service line by creating the first Training Academy in Romania, called Drawing Business Value Academy, dedicated to tenants in commercial buildings and office buildings occupiers, in partnership with DBV Management & Training, a training and consulting company. The aim of the Academy is to increase the tenants' performance in shopping centres by improving the quality of service and customer relationship and the experience of office buildings occupiers through the development of a community

Argo Capital Property was the first company to support the Drawing Business Value Academy program by organizing a training session at Shopping City Suceava, a commercial centre managed by Cushman & Wakefield Echinox. In the context of an increasingly competitive retail market, feedback from local retailers confirms the usefulness of the programme.
Mihaela Petruescu, Head of Property Management at Cushman & Wakefield Echinox added: "We believe in this program because, as the market evolves, people need personal, professional or entrepreneurial education. It is not enough to be present in a modern retail area with great traffic and a diverse range of shopping options, as there are other small details that can make a big difference between sales and profit. That's why this first course was called People and Business - Sales, Marketing, and Profit. Starting from assuming and understanding the roles we have in everyday life, what are our and the others’ expectations for these roles, all the way to customer experience or budgeting elements and marketing strategies, the academy offers an accelerated learning process and an identification of new business prospects. "
Mihaela Petruescu

Mihaela Petruescu

Head of Property Management
C&W Echinox

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According to the latest statistics presented by Eurostat, only 8% of employees receive workplace training in Romania, compared to the European Union average of 31%.