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The dilapidated area of ​​the former Zetor industrial site in Brno Líšeň will come alive again. CTP has begun preparatory work for the construction of a new industrial park for light manufacturing, retail, research and small logistics. More than 1000 employees will find work here. The investment in the project is expected to amount to around €60 million (CZK 1.5 billion) with the expected date of completion of construction in 2025.

“The CTPark Brno Líšeň project is another brownfield revitalization challenge for us. We aim to convert it into a modern industrial site that meets the highest quality standards and current requirements for modern production facilities. We want to return life, original meaning, and the purpose it has always served to this territory,” says David Chládek, Regional Director of CTP.

Preparatory work for the construction of CTPark Brno Líšeň began at the end of this September. By the end of the first half of 2020 the first building will be built. The company plans to complete the entire site at the turn of 2024 and 2025. “As CTP, we are fully aware of our shared responsibility for shaping the future of the city and therefore we approach these projects with the utmost seriousness and maximum priority,” adds Chládek.

Emphasis on building ecology and long-term sustainability

Together with the Ponávka and Vlněna projects, this is the third brownfield site revitalization project within the city of Brno. In the former industrial area of ​​Zetor which has been deteriorating for a long time, new modern industrial buildings will be built, including a new infrastructure for small light production, retail and research, complemented by small logistics. All halls will be implemented in the BREEAM New Construction Building Certification System at least Excellent. The original dilapidated halls of ZETOR are gradually demolished. The total area of ​​CTP land is 115 000 sqm and will be built about 60 000 sqm.

CTP promotes the long-term sustainability of its projects and emphasizes the reduction of the environmental performance of buildings. Within the CTPark Líšeň, solar energy will be used as a secondary source of electricity for the purpose of covering energy needs, individual tenants or the park itself. It is a matter of course to use the residual heat generated by production for reheating buildings. The area will try to actively reduce the amount of sewage water by using the so-called grey water to flush the toilet in the hollow by using waterless urinals and water consumption reducing devices by appropriately adjusting its flow rate.

Air recuperation will be provided in the office space. All buildings will use state-of-the-art Al window systems and façade cladding systems. The lighting of all the halls will be fully mounted in the LED system (both outside and inside).

The park will also include charging stations for electric vehicles. The architects worked using rainwater. The buildings themselves will be planted in rich planting of tall trees.

Construction of a new transport service area

CTPark Líšeň will offer approximately 1,000 to 1,500 new jobs depending on the future tenant structure, type of operation and level of automation. “In order to ensure that the future workers and their employers have the smoothest and most comfortable accessibility of the area and not to burden the surroundings with unreasonable increases in existing traffic, we plan to improve and build the transport infrastructure as part of the construction,” comments David Chládek. CTP plans to connect the area to the public transport by building pedestrian paths leading to the tram connections of lines 4 and 8. With the Brno Public Transport Company, the company will start negotiations on extending a bus line directly to the area.