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CTP has expanded its cooperation with the logistics company Loxxess s.r.o., which is currently the second-largest tenant of CTP in the Czech Republic. The newly constructed warehouse provides the company with nearly 70,000 sqm of additional space, over and above their existing 45,000 sqm of leased space, was handed over in September. The premises are mainly used for the storage of drugstore goods for dm-drogerie markt.

CTPark Bor is currently the largest industrial park in the Czech Republic with a total area of 135 hectares. Upon completion, which is planned for the end of next year, the park will provide more than 616,000 sqm of lettable space. Currently, there are a total of 14 tenants including leading international technology suppliers, automotive companies and clothing retailer Primark. The park provides jobs to approximately 4,000 people.

“CTPark Bor continues to have a reputation as one of the most attractive locations in Central Europe. Being located approximately 15 kilometres from the German border, it puts our clients in an ideal position to supply both the Czech and German markets. The interest in the space here is very high and the Loxxess story is a perfect example of how we always want to work with our partners. We are growing together in CTPark Bor – if Loxxess needs to expand, we will support them, too,” says Jakub Kodr, Head of Business Development, CTP Czech Republic.

Jakub Kodr

Jakub Kodr

Head of Business Development, Czech Republic

Since Jakub joined CTP, he has been excelling and shows no sign of slowing down. He has nearly 10 years of real estate experience and is a fresh MBA in Real Estate graduate who is soon to pass the RICS APA exams. Rarely to be seen without a phone to his ear, Jakub takes excellent care of clients while also being a skilled property-client matchmaker. More »

Loxxess will use the new premises mainly for the central storage of drugstore goods for the German multinational chain dm-drogerie markt. “The new premises enable us to meet the high and growing demand for our online product range, and respond even better to the wishes and needs of our customers,” commented Christian Bodi, dm's Head of Logistics.

“The boom of online commerce started well before the covid crisis, and the pandemic intensified it. Today's modern retail sector cannot do without it. With the strategic expansion of our multi-user campus, we will be even better positioned to cope with this development in the future,” said Claus-Peter Amberger, CEO of Loxxess AG.

The company will be able to benefit from brand new, customized premises built to the highest environmental standard, with the aim of receiving the BREEAM Excellent certification in the future. The new building is fitted with a rainwater management system, waterless urinals, monitoring and control of energy consumption within individual sections of the building, intelligent lighting controlled by daylight and motion sensors and a special seamless floor for the installation of an automated warehouse system. The total roof area is also prepared for the installation of photovoltaic panels. The facility has a 12 m ceiling height, allowing for optimised operation and effective warehousing.

Besides the proximity to the German border, an indisputable advantage for all tenants is the park’s proximity to Pilsen and other towns, as well as good quality infrastructure including affordable housing in the area, a healthcare centre, leisure facilities or cooperation with the local government and schools. In addition, tenants can benefit from mutual synergies, which also makes CTPark Bor highly attractive.

With 556,000 sqm completed so far and another 58,000 sqm planned, CTPark Bor is currently the largest park in the CTPark Network in the Czech Republic. It is closely followed by CTPark Brno with 502,900 sqm. According to the latest data from the turn of the year, both sites are among the four largest industrial parks in Central and Eastern Europe. The other two, CTPark Bucharest and CTPark Bucharest West, also belong to CTP. The parks are home to a wide range of tenants with a diverse focus ranging from research and development, hi-tech manufacturing and computer repair to logistics and e-commerce.