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CTP has started construction work on the fifth building within the CTPark Opole industrial and logistics park. The expansion of the complex will accommodate the expansion of the UFI Filters Poland brand, which has so far occupied an area of 6,000 sqm. The Italian manufacturer of filter systems for the automotive industry is doubling its lease space at CTPark Opole and is anticipated to move into the new building in the third quarter of 2024.

The Opole investment is CTP's first project in Poland as well as UFI Filters' first heat exchanger factory outside China. UFI started its operations at CTPark Opole in 2018 and filters supplied by UFI Filters are used in all makes of cars and trucks as well as Formula 1 vehicles.

By increasing UFI Filters' investment in Poland, the company aims to become one of the leaders in the mobility of the future. Currently, the CTPark Opole facility enables the company to serve major car suppliers in Europe and optimise delivery times.

The CTPark Opole complex also brings together other automotive tenants, including IAC (International Automotive Components) and TitanX Engine Cooling. Demand for CTPark Opole from companies in the automotive, transport and logistics sectors is due in part to the investment's location. It is located in the area of the Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone and the Lower Silesian Automotive Cluster, which fosters the dynamics of business development and provides access to the latest technologies and an educational base. One of the instruments of support is also the possibility of obtaining an income tax allowance of up to 60 per cent of the investment costs or two years of employment costs for new employees.

Łukasz Tomczyk, Business Developer at CTP Poland, said:  "The expansion of UFI Filters Poland by a further 6,000 sq m confirms the effectiveness of the business model we have adopted based on maintaining all properties in the CTP portfolio throughout the lease term. We enable our partners to grow continuously both by making more space available to them at a convenient time and by making changes to building standards that meet the precise expectations of our customers, for example with innovations implemented on production or technological lines. We are delighted that UFI Filters Poland has once again placed its trust in us. Without a doubt, this is a positive signal for the entire automotive industry, but also for companies in other sectors.”

Bogi Gabrovic, Deputy Country Head at CTP Poland, said: "From the tenants' point of view, one of the key factors is the location of industrial and warehouse parks, which has a direct impact on operational efficiency, logistics costs and the quality of service to the target customer. Therefore, our priority is to build facilities in attractive business centres, along the most important transport routes. In such complexes, tenants not only stay for years, but also grow with them. Recently, TitanX Engine Cooling decided to expand within CTPark Opole, and now we are starting the construction of another building for the UFIFilters Poland brand, which will occupy a total of 12,000 sqm. This shows the long-term quality of our complexes.”

The OPO 2B building will be delivered in the third quarter of 2024. The building will undergo BREEAM certification. Like all newly constructed CTP developments, the developer will adapt it for the installation of photovoltaic panels and equip it with a smart utility monitoring system. 

So far, four buildings have been constructed as part of CTPark Opole with a total area of 82,000 sqm. Ultimately, the complex will comprise 100,000 sqm of leasable space.