News Article Budapest CTP DHL Hungary industrial lighting warehouse
by Ákos Budai | Industrial

CTP has announced a major energy saving initiative starting in logistics warehouse of DHL in CTPark Budapest South near Üllő. The entire property will be refitted with LED lighting by April 2017.

Following pilot projects from last year to assess the reduction of energy consumption it was found that changing to LED lighting could reduce electricity costs by 5%, with a fast Return On Investment (ROI) within two years. “There are other ways to reduce energy consumption, but LED is the fastest, has the most impact and is very interesting for our clients,” says Stefan de Goeij, Head of Property Management at CTP. 
The DHL Supply Chain Logistic property in CTPark Budapest South near Üllő will be fully green, with LED lighting refit of the current older system, both for the 32,500 sqm warehouse area and 50,000 sqm external area.
With the refit costing approx. €200,000 savings will rise at €120,000 euro in the first year, with a ROI within only 1.7 years. The comprehensive lighting refit for DHL will be completed in April.
CTP had already exchanged 250,000 sqm of LED lighting in its properties up to the end of last year and will now rollout a further 400,000 sqm of LED lighting throughout the portfolio in the year ahead.