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by Property Forum | Industrial

Industrial developer CTP has delivered the first foreign distribution centre of LPP Logistics in Romania spanning 65,000 sqm in CTPark Bucharest West. The construction of the warehouse started in January 2023 and was completed in less than one year.

CTP said the designed automation solutions will enable LPP Logistics to operate 450 stores at the same time and ship up to 6 million pieces of assortment per week to the Romanian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Croatian, Macedonian, Serbian or Greek markets. The new warehouse will be operated by a team of close to 300 people.

“At the end of the fourth quarter of the financial year 2023/24, the portfolio of LPP brands in this region will already include more than 500 stores, while the company intends to continue its expansion, among others in Romania or Greece, in the coming years. The logistical support of deliveries to such an expanded sales network is therefore crucial for the implementation of the Group's business strategy,” said Sebastian Soltys, President of LPP Logistics.

CTPark Bucharest West spans an area of around 830,000 sqm. Across Romania, CTP’s portfolio comprises projects with a combined area of around 2.6 million sqm.