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by Property Forum | Investment

CTP says it has taken over around 112,000 sqm of industrial space from Zacaria Industrial, representing parks in four cities, for an undisclosed sum. Following the acquisition, CTP has started operations in Craiova and expanded its presence in Sibiu, Arad and Oradea and its local portfolio has edged close to 2 million sqm.

“We continue to build on our strategic goal to develop in Transylvania and this acquisition adds relevant developments in our regional portfolio,” said Ana Dumitrache, Country Manager CTP Romania. 

The company remains one of the most active buyers of projects in Romania. Last year alone, it took over A1 Business Park platform in Dragomirești Vale from Cromwell Property Group and Equest Logistic Park industrial park, located on the A1 motorway, near Bucharest, from Forum Serdika. 

On the purchase of Zacaria’s projects, CTP was assisted by law firms McCann& Associates and Biriș-Goran, while consultancy services were provided by Avison Young.