News Article CTP logistics Romania Valentin Roşu
by Property Forum | Industrial

CTP, the regional developer and owner of industrial and logistics spaces, aims to complete in Romania new warehouses with a combined surface of 330,000 sqm by the end of 2021. 

This year’s investment program totals over €200 million and will allow CTP to reach the 2 million sqm milestone of operational projects on the local market throught to 2021. 

Valentin Roşu, regional development director, CTP Romania, says the development will focus on Bucharest and Timișoara. 

“Internationally, our target is to reach 10 million sqm by 2023. At present we have over 6 million sqm. In the past three years, we built (locally – e.n .) more than our colleagues in the Czech Republic,” says Roșu, according to

In 2022, CTP aims to deliver 300,000 sqm of new warehouses across Romania. 

CTP is the largest owner of industrial and logistics spaces on the local market. Demand for warehouses and logistics operations soared last year as more Romanians shopped online for food, clothes and gadgets.