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by Property Forum | Investment

With the ending of the acceptance period of its takeover offer for Immofinanz, CPI Property Group announced that it will soon hold at least 53.33% of Immofinanz’s share capital and voting rights.

Immofinanz shareholders could have accepted CPI Property Group’s takeover offer from 12 January 2022 until 23 February 2022. Until the end of the acceptance period, 5.15% of Immofinanz shares have been tendered for sale into the offer.

Together with the Immofinanz shares held by CPI Property Group upon publication of the offer and the Immofinanz shares it will acquire upon closing of the RPPK SPA, the Petrus SPA and the CEE Immobilien SPA transactions, Radovan Vítek’s company will hold at least 53.33% of Immofinanz’s registered nominal share capital and total outstanding voting rights in total.

In line with Austrian law, the acceptance period will be extended for all holders of securities who have not yet accepted the offer. This additional acceptance period will start on 28 February 2022 and last until (and including) 28 May 2022.