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CPI Property Group has announced the acquisition of a 25% stake in CleverPower. The company focuses on corporate energy self-sufficiency and electromobility and also operates the Chargee charging platform. By 2030, they will build up to three thousand new charging points not only in the Czech Republic, CPI Property Group announced today.

"The investment in CleverPower and Chargee eMobility is a logical step for us towards promoting sustainability and eco-innovation. We believe that our joint efforts to develop infrastructure for sustainable energy and electromobility will positively impact our clients and the entire company," says Zdeněk Havelka, CEO of CPI Property Group, on the latest acquisition.

"We greatly value our partnership with CPI Property Group, which has further strengthened our commitment to become a leader in the construction and operation of renewable energy sources, including battery storage for corporate clients," says CleverPower CEO Petr Jiříkovský. "We want to offer the best services to corporate customers and drivers of electric vehicles as well as owners of charging stations and thus contribute to the reduction of emissions in transport," adds Petr Brňák, Director of Chargee eMobility.

CPI Property Group established its energy division CPI Energo a year ago. It operates as both an energy producer and supplier and will provide the Group with the construction of photovoltaic power plants and building insulation and will strategically coordinate investments in sustainable projects. The planned investments of billions of crowns are in line with the management's strong ambitions in the energy sector. "We would like to reach 300 to 350 megawatts of our power by 2025," says Zdeněk Havelka. "The cooperation between CPI Energo, CleverPower, Chargee and the Group's portfolio will allow us to create synergies between the real estate and energy sectors," explains Zdeněk Havelka.

CleverPower and Chargee eMobility are young Czech companies operating in the energy and electromobility market. One of their key products is the Chargee charging platform. It offers users the possibility of fast and efficient charging of vehicles through technologically advanced high-capacity stations. The Chargee autonomous system, which has already gained the support of many European carmakers, also offers a range of other services related to the electromobility ecosystem. "With the Chargee platform, we are also acquiring a fine-tuned control and management system for charging stations, which we will apply to electromobility within the Group," says Zdeněk Havelka, adding: "In addition, CleverPower has extensive experience in the management and ownership of battery storage, which, combined with smart metering, enables optimal energy purchasing at spot prices and the management of production and consumption concerning the needs of the market and our clients."

In addition to the newly established partnership, CPI Property Group and Chargee eMobility have also announced plans for a significant expansion of charging stations. They plan to add up to 3,000 new EV charging points by 2030, managed by Chargee's smart software. They will focus not only on the Czech Republic but also on the European locations where CPI Property Group operates. "The technology and services associated with the charging stations will increase the utility value of the buildings and enable us to become a major supplier of green energy from our sources," concludes Havelka.