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by Property Forum | Retail

The interior of the Campona shopping centre in South Buda, owned by CPI Property Group,  will be completely rebuilt by the end of 2021.

Fine-tuning its previous plans and reacting to the changing market and customer environment, CPI Property Group will fully rebuild the entire customer area and accompanying service units in Campona. In line with earlier plans, most of the reconstruction work will be completed in 2021, with work beginning in May and the entire project scheduled to be completed early in 2022. According to plans, the entrances, the shopping area and the food court, and restrooms will all be rebuilt.

During the renovation, nearly 10,000 sqm of flooring and 4,450 sqm of false ceiling will be replaced, the food court will be expanded from 275 to 415 seats, and 200 plants and 20 relaxation zones for customers will also be added.  Nearly 2 km of LED tape will be installed as part of work on lighting.

With sustainability in mind, most of the floor and ceiling coverings to be used are made of recycled materials. The building will also get 11 new heating and cooling machines, incorporating environment-friendly technological solutions into its further operation.         

Accessibility auditor Access4you participated in designing the renewed shopping centre, which guarantees continued unhindered access to the impaired and the handicapped.