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by Property Forum | Office

Fit-out company COS has launched the Research & Development (R&D) workspace centre Masia in northern Bucharest, following an investment of €1.6 million.  

The new 2,000 sqm space is designed to function both as a serviced space for tenants and as a test space for customers` future work setups. Following the latest investment, COS’ portfolio of spaces covers 4,200 sqm in four locations based in Cluj, Bucharest, Timișoara and Iași. 

”Recent developments have highlighted the undeniable significance of flexibility in the evolving business landscape. Over the years, we have conducted comprehensive studies on the direct impact of physical spaces on business performance and decided to make strategic investments in shared spaces, collaborating closely with our customers to understand their unique requirements and explore innovative work methodologies,” said Christophe Weller, COS’ Founder and CEO. 

According to experts at COS, the current average investment in interior design and build space ranges from €500 to €800 per sqm. For premium projects, the investment surpasses €800 per sqm. 

The company estimates that its serviced offices portfolio will reach €600,000 while its overall turnover stood at €28 million in 2022.