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Roughly 280 apartments, but also new amenities. These are the two basic parameters of the R66 multifunctional complex from development company Corwin. The company has built and managed the Guthaus project in its neighbourhood on Račianska Street. Only a few tens of meters towards Rača, it also owns a large area of the former Palma factory, where a new local centre should be built.

R66 currently consists of a complex of warehouse buildings, as well as an office building adjacent to Račianska Street. "The warehouses will be replaced by a semi-enclosed block of residential points with a height of 6 to 8 storeys, which will have a large community space at its centre. A single taller 14-storey building will be created in the northern part of the block inside the site. The office building will be retained after the necessary modifications and will form a natural noise barrier from the road and tram line," explains Dominika Diačiková, Development Manager at Corwin.

The entire project is being prepared by Corwin in cooperation with the Danish studio Gehl Architects, which also designed the urban planning for the revitalisation of the Palma brownfield. The project with the working name R66 (derived from the current address of the existing office building) will be built on the principles of a community city, in which the developer emphasizes human scale, alternating quiet and lively zones, and block architecture with a predominance of low-rise buildings. As in Palma, all car traffic will be directed underground to create more space on the surface for pedestrians, and cyclists and high-quality greenery.

The design of the project is the result of a competition in which Swedish studio Okidoki won among five international studios. It was also the first to receive environmental certification from the City of Gothenburg. The final design will also be created in cooperation with Slovak architects.

All three projects revitalise former industrial land and emphasise sustainability, the use of alternative forms of transport and water conservation measures. At R66, Corwin's traditional vegetated roofs will be complemented by generous green spaces and a rain garden that will be created at the residential part of the site. On the opposite side, there will be a lively zone with more small businesses and services. The developer anticipates that construction of the R66 mixed-use development could begin in 2027. The preparatory and permitting processes are currently underway. No zoning change is required to implement this investment project.