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According to a report by McKinsey & Company, the digitalisation of products and processes is one of the new standards in the global construction sector. All indications are that the construction industry is also following in its footsteps. After the leaders from the office real estate sector, other leading companies on the Polish market, this time from the residential and logistics sector, are deciding on comprehensive digitisation of administrative processes at construction sites of their investments. Cordia Polska and 7R have signed long-term cooperation agreements with BauApp, a provider of a mobile application, tailored to the specific needs of companies operating in the CEE market.

The agreement with Cordia Poland is a continuation of the global contract with Cordia and the successful cooperation with BauApp in other markets of the CEE region. The real estate development company, which builds residential properties in Warsaw, Kraków and the Tricity, will implement the application on all of its new projects. Administrative processes at the construction sites of the company's planned new investments in Poznań will also be digitised.

“Digital solutions are the key to achieving high quality and cost-efficiency at the same time, at every stage of construction. We chose BauApp solutions for documentation management and fault management on our projects because they are user-friendly and fit into our internal processes. We are very satisfied with the support of BauApp”, says Michal Melaniuk, CEO of Cordia Polska.

7R is a dynamically growing developer operating on the commercial real estate market, which specializes in providing modern warehouse space. Since the beginning of its activity (in 2009) the company has completed projects with a total area of 740,000 sqm. Currently another 1,500,000 sqm is in the investment process.

“The current boom on the real estate market in Poland requires digitalisation in order to maintain the high quality of implemented investments with such a large number of objects being put into use, often simultaneously”, explains Paweł Smolarek, BauApp's Director for New Technologies.

Especially that the implementation costs of individual development projects are constantly increasing. This is related, for example, to the new energy requirements for buildings, the decreasing accessibility of land with a building permit in cities, or finally, the prolonged administrative procedures due to, among others, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the general difficulties in accessing land and the increase in their prices per square meter.  “Not forgetting 5% inflation and the increase in the cost of building materials in general”, adds Paweł Smolarek.

The application created by BauApp is used to digitise administrative processes on construction sites, including various stages, from design through execution to the guaranty phase. 

“Our application allows reducing the time previously spent on administrative activities by up to 20%, which generates 8 saved working hours per week. The use of software also reduces the number of corrections on site by up to 67%, and in the final settlement it increases the efficiency of the entire project by up to 15%”, explains Adam Dalnoki, CEO of BauApp.

BauApp also supports clients in management of documentation flow, material cards, monitoring of task execution time, faults as well as acceptance of construction works. The application can be used both on the computer and on a mobile device via tablet or smartphone.