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by Property Forum | Industrial

Logistics company Elvada and motorcycles and electric bicycles producer Relive Bike RKS Motor are the new tenants in Constanța Business Park, the project developed near the port area by Global Vision in partnership with Globalworth. The spaces leased by the two firms total 9,600 sqm.

Elvada started its operation in the first building of Constanța Business Park, in a Class A unit having an area of 2,400 sqm. Following the increase of its operations, the company has expanded in the same building with 1,800 sqm.

Furthermore, Elvada has chosen to manage logistics operations across Europe for the Turkish company Relive Bike RKS Motor, in a new unit in surface of 1,800 sqm, located in the second building of the project. This decision comes as a result of the establishment of the first assembly unit of Relive Bike RKS Motor in Romania in the second building of the park. The assembly unit has an area of around 3,700 sqm. 

“The logistics and industrial sector have become more and more dynamic, and our strategy as developers is to continuously provide flexible solutions within our parks across the country,” said Sorin Preda, CEO & Founder Global Vision. 

Constanța Business Park has two completed warehouse units with a leasable area of 40,000 sqm, while development for a third one will start soon.