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by Property Forum | Report

Romanians are among the European employees that would favour a hybrid work arrangement that combines office-based and remote activities, according to a survey by Colliers. 

The hybrid system is preferred by 49% of Czech employees and 46% of their Dutch counterparts. Meanwhile, 43% of Romanian employees favor the remote work scheme and 57% would like to do their tasks at the office. 

“Because every company is different both in terms of business model and in terms of divestment of activities, companies need different approaches. The post-COVID office allows teams to find the right ways to work better. Post-COVID office is facilitating teams to find the right work settings for their team collaboration. The office of the future is integrating the virtual and physical world and facilitating teams to work together,” says Daniela Popescu, Associate Director Tenant Services & Workplace Advisory Office 360° at Colliers. 

The consultancy points out that the Public sector as well as the Transport & Logistics segment build their strategies on a higher presence in the office, at over 68%, compared to other industries. Organizations in the Retail, Professional Services, Energy & Utilities and Automotive sectors would favor a lower presence of about 50% in the office.

Colliers data suggest that most organizations that are transforming offices decide to create team areas or home bases. This means that employees will not need a fixed physical space in the office.