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by Property Forum | Residential

Real estate developer City Garden has started the second phase of Bonton Luxury Villas Pipera that will feature 30 new homes. 

The new villas are slated for delivery by the end of this year and the whole project will comprise 66 homes following an investment of €16 million. 

"Demand for homes has increased by at least a third in the context of the pandemic and has been reflected in the sales of the Bonton complex, our main target is businesspeople and expats. This has prompted us to advance the construction works by starting the second phase of development,” said Andrei Cantaragiu, CEO of City Garden. 

The company aims to finish the first phase with 36 villas and a private sports club in the first half of this year. 

The developer has completed several medium-premium residential projects in central Bucharest and Pipera during the last decade.