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As technology has taken an increasingly important strategic role in the evolution and development of real estate, the challenges facing the people leading that innovation charge are becoming apparent.

There appear to be two clear dynamics at play. First, where real estate professionals have anointed themselves as the person keen to explore the role of technology at the company they work for and, second, those real estate firms that have brought in outside expertise to do so.

Cherry Pick People’s “Innovators in Real Estate” survey is the first attempt to understand how these dynamics are playing out and help those innovators understand their own position in the industry and their future prospects.

The survey, in partnership with Unissu, looks at organisational, team and individual roles, responsibilities and attitudes among these people. Cherry Pick strongly believes that those people leading innovation strategies are going to play an ever-increasingly important role in the real estate industry and, by providing insight to help them manage their career, they can also encourage more people to take this journey.

The survey has already had over 100 submissions from global respondents and the findings will be presented at a number of conferences across Europe, the Americas and Asia-Pacific in the coming months.

A detailed report will be published to coincide with these presentations.

Unissu is the trusted PropTech Procurement Platform, helping innovators in real estate find and select the best PropTech companies from over 10,000 around the world

Cherry Pick People is a leading talent and recruitment consultancy and our mission is to drive the digitisation and modernisation of the Global Real Estate market by partnering with leading companies with diverse talent in order to create a better, more efficient and sustainable future.