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The first project of the charitable foundation Housing For IDPs - the Socialization Centre for IDPs for 19 families - will be opened in the Irpin community at the beginning of the year.

In 2023, the foundation agreed with the Irpin City Council to allocate a building for reconstruction into a dormitory. From May to December, it transformed the abandoned building into a socialization centre for IDPs (internally displaced people) with comfortable soundproofed smart apartments, private kitchens and bathrooms, separate leisure spaces for adults, playrooms for children, and storage rooms. The socialization centre is completely ready and waiting for its residents as soon as the gas supply is connected.

As a result of the work, the Irpin community received a modern dormitory that can accommodate 19 IDP families and got rid of an abandoned unfinished building on the community map.

Now, the Housing For IDPs charitable foundation has launched a new project to reconstruct an abandoned nursing home in the village of Stryzhavka, Vinnytsia region. Experts from 7CI Group conducted all the necessary surveys of the building/territory and developed the project on a volunteer basis: there are already ready-made plans and visualizations of the future centre.

The Socialization Centre for IDPs is not just temporary housing for the sake of a roof over heads, it is a modern, comfortable space with smart apartments, a separate children's room for development and play, and a place for work and leisure for adults. This project provides several types of apartments: standard, for a large family, and an inclusive apartment. The common corridor was made functional for optimal use of the area.

Any charitable organization or company can join the work on the new project. The foundation promises transparent communication and reports, with the aim of turning an abandoned building into a centre where families who lost everything because of the war will find a new home. Details for donations to the project

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