News Article C&C Partners land Poland warehouse
by Property Forum | Industrial

International company TKH Group N.V., represented by its newly established company EEP LCC, has purchased an investment site of approximately eight hectares in Sieraków in the Rawicz municipality. In the formal preparation for obtaining the land for sale, support during negotiations and in the process of purchasing the land was provided by specialists from JLL’s industrial department in cooperation with the Rawicz Office for Investor Assistance.

TKH Group is a Dutch holding company offering innovative and advanced technological systems for the telecommunications industry, which are used both in buildings and industrial facilities. The company employs over 6,000 people and operates worldwide, focusing on the European, Asian and American markets. One of the representatives of TKH Group in Poland is C&C Partners, based in Leszno, which assisted in the process of founding a new entity and acquiring real estate.

“The great potential and the experience gained in the Polish market, as well as the competence of the C&C Partners team allowed us to convince the Dutch holding to expand its operations in Poland. As a result, the plot in Rawicz that Ernst & Engbring and TKF have invested in will be the location for a factory producing specialist cable systems for the medical, industrial automation and fibre-optic cable sectors. The project will also benefit Sierakowo, as it will become an important place on the world’s technological map. I would personally like to thank the Mayor of Rawicz and the entire team involved, as well as JLL for their professional support during this stage of our investment”, comments Artur Hejdysz, President of C&C Partners LCC.

The newly acquired site, located in Sierakowo, is approximately 65 km north of Wroclaw in southwestern Poland. Due to the proximity of the S5 expressway and good access to the investment, quick transportation of the material from the factory to sales markets will be possible. The location fits perfectly with the Dutch holding’s development. Additionally, the site is located close to Leszno, where C&C Partners has its headquarters, which will allow for smooth cooperation between the companies.

“Thanks to the work of our experts, the goodwill of the Rawicz municipality and the substantive support of the municipal office for investor services, the transaction process was carried out quickly. As a result, construction will start in the summer, which will allow for a rapid production start-up and an equally quick return on investment. We are glad that the involvement of our team in the preparation of formal and legal procedures has allowed TKH Group N.V. to realize its business development plans in Poland”, says Joanna Choromańska, Senior Director in the Industrial Department, JLL.