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To address climate change-related challenges and help investors and occupiers comply with relevant regulations or government targets, as well as meet their own ESG commitments, CBRE's Southeastern Europe (SEE) office is expanding its services with the launch of a new business line, 'ESG & Sustainability Services'.

"The real estate industry is uniquely positioned to positively impact our society and the value of the built environment through environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives. At CBRE, we are firmly committed to providing our clients with key sustainability and ESG-compliant services. Our SEE team has already proven its capabilities within ESG & Sustainability services, but with the decision to formally launch a new business line, we will be able to strengthen these services and deliver innovative climate, social value and well-being solutions that deliver transformational outcomes for the environment and people," said Boško Tomašević, Managing Director for the SEE region, CBRE.

The new department is headed by Slađana Popović as Head of ESG & Sustainability Services SEE, in addition to her role as Country Head Bulgaria. Joining her as ESG consultants are Igor Milošević from the Belgrade’s office and Marko Jaćimović from the Ljubljana’s office. With a diverse technical background and extensive experience in the real estate sector, as well as CBRE’s global network of more than 600 sustainability professionals, the ESG & Sustainability SEE team will help clients ensure their strategies are aligned with their purpose, corporate identity and the needs of their customers.

"Every property is different. That's why we only offer bespoke concepts and a range of services tailored to the property, providing ESG strategies along with Net Carbon Zero strategies, ESG due diligence, energy audit, green building certification, GRESB reporting. We create ESG solutions that support every stage of the property lifecycle, including acquisition, development, management, and disposal of properties, as well as action plans at portfolio, property and asset levels. With this approach, our team enables our clients to make business-critical decisions by managing sustainability risks in their portfolios and helping investors and occupiers plan, implement and measure their efforts to reduce their carbon footprint," said Slađana Popović, Head of ESG & Sustainability Services for SEE region, CBRE.

"Responsible business means understanding your impact and taking action. I'm particularly proud that at CBRE we are leading by example, which means we are committed to creating a sustainable future for all, and that starts with the fundamentals of our business. We reduce the environmental impact of the workspaces and buildings we occupy and manage for others. As a result, our clients recognise us as a sustainability partner that helps them lead the way - meeting emissions reduction targets, enhancing investor confidence, reputation, and profitability”, Slađana Popović concluded.

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