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by Property Forum | Retail

French real estate group Catinvest will add 5,500 sqm retail space, 1,200 sqm for a shared open-air terrace for the food court and a new playground of 500 sqm in Electroputere Mall, located in Craiova. 

The extension follows the recent inauguration of two mixed-use buildings in Electroputere Parc, adding 9,000 sqm as well as 17,000 sqm of offices. 

In the upcoming years, the company plans further retail, office and service development in the project as part of a €61 million investment. 

“The addition of new brands is the result of the latest expansions and development of the shopping center,” said Jibril Semour, General Manager of Catinvest Eastern Europe. 

In early 2022, Catinvest will start the development of an aparthotel with 58 apartments in a bid to enhance the mixed-use functions of Electroputere Parc. 

Catinvest owns and manages more than 500,000 sqm of spaces in France and Eastern Europe. In Romania, the company has additional shopping centres in Bucharest and Constanța.