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Career and business development advisor PropertyTalents has put together a list of highlighted career opportunities currently available for real estate professionals for CEE in its portfolio.

PropertyTalents specialises in providing advice to business partners, clients, and candidates in commercial and residential real estate, investment funds and asset management platforms, retail and hospitality, building materials and design solutions, and construction industries.

The company offers various services to help companies at various growth stages and across all levels of their organization, from C-suite executives to aspiring talent. They aim to provide proactive and reactive team-building solutions to help their clients boost their human capital.

A snapshot of current opportunities

PropertyTalents are always looking for talented professionals to join their clients’ team and help both candidates and clients achieve their goals. Currently, the company has dozens of open positions and career opportunities in their portfolio across a wide range of European built environment industries and roles. Some of these opportunities include positions in commercial and living real estate, investment fund, and asset management, retail and hotel, building materials and design solutions, and construction.

Among the many career opportunities in their portfolio, a few can be highlighted as featured positions. These include:

If you are interested in any of these positions or if you plan to boost your team by attracting tailor-recruited professionals to your teams across Europe, do not hesitate to contact them. More info:

PropertyTalents' geography

PropertyTalents is a European company, with ongoing business activities in several regions across the continent. In Western Europe, they are currently in an expansion stage and are active in Germany, the Benelux region, Spain and Portugal, Austria, and other markets. The company also operates in Central and Eastern Europe, including Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, and other countries. In Southeastern Europe, they have successfully delivered value to their partners in Romania, Bulgaria, and Serbia. Additionally, they have a presence in the CIS markets, including Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Georgia.

The company will be able and happy to contribute to the rebuilding efforts in Ukraine when the country is able to focus on reconstruction and development in the peaceful times that are bound to come eventually.

PropertyTalents' method

PropertyTalents uses a variety of search methods to find the best candidates for their clients. These methods include executive search, direct outreach, recommendations, databases, and social networking sites. They also offer assessment tests at the request of their clients. The company is committed to ensuring a successful hire for clients, and they keep candidates informed about their status in the recruitment process through their best practices for candidate experience.

Before starting an assignment, their advisors provide a "5-D Expertise Presentation" to the team, followed by an in-depth Q&A session. This ensures that everyone involved in the recruitment process thoroughly understands the requirements and expectations for the role.