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The Eiffel Square office building has been qualified Excellent in the BREEAM asset performance appraisal method in the In-Use Asset category. Under BREEAM, the world’s leading sustainability appraisal method, the Class A+ Eiffel Square Office Building has been certified as a building operating in an outstandingly environment-conscious manner.

As a building in the city centre, it can be accessed both by public transport and by bicycle. Bikers can benefit from both private bike parking and bike-sharing (BuBi) docking stations at the building. Those cycling to work can also use changing rooms with showers in the basement.
Eiffel Square has a 4,800 sqm green park around it which is used as a space for relaxation by local inhabitants and tourists as well. The office building also has a number of green terraces and an extensive green roof. The latter, in addition to being a heat insulator, is also furnished with bird feeders and bat houses that provide a refuge for a number of animal species living in the city.
The building is operated by ConvergenCE which is similarly committed to environment-friendly solutions and economical operations in all of the buildings it operates. „Being green actually means being more economical and operating with lower costs. This is one of the many reasons why Eiffel Square is 100% occupied,” says Csaba Zeley, Asset Management Director of ConvergenCE.