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by Property Forum | Residential

There is a high demand for private accommodation in Bucharest, offering students modern and flexible accommodation options, with the current supply covering less than half of the actual requirements, according to Colliers data.

In Bucharest, university dormitory accommodation accounts for less than 40,000 places, while about 2,500 places are available in private homes.

Last year, the CEE-6 region registered almost 2.7 million students, of which 9.5% came from abroad, with two-thirds studying in Poland and Romania. More exactly, 1.2 million students attend university in Poland, while almost 600,000 students study in Romania, most of them in the capital.

“Rental prices for private student accommodation in the CEE region range from between €150 and just over €700 per month, with an average of around €300 per month. In Bucharest, prices are at the lower end of this range, starting at a rent of around €150 and rising to over €300 for a single room. Given the considerable number of students in the big university centres, there is an availability problem in student accommodation,” says Gabriel Blăniță, Associate Director Valuation & Advisory Services at Colliers Romania.

Bucharest has potential for the development of built-to-rent projects. It could reach a volume of around 5,000 units in the next 2-3 years, according to the agency.