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by Property Forum | Industrial

Romanian proptech Bright Spaces has signed a partnership with ELI Parks for its entire portfolio of industrial spaces in the country.

The developer’s network of industrial parks covers 300,000 sqm in five Romanian cities. All have been converted in 3D using Bright Spaces’ technology.

Andrei Jerca, Managing Director ELI Parks, said the partnership  is a significant step towards digitalising the company's processes, “bringing a new dimension to the presentation of our spaces.”

This is the first industrial project in the proptech’s portfolio, which has worked until now with residential and commercial developers both in Romania and in international markets.

“We see growth in the logistics industry, and we believe that a digital approach that is easy to implement and use will be indispensable in the strategy of any strong player, like ELI Parks,” said Bogdan Nicoară, CEO & Co-founder of Bright Spaces.

At the end of 2023, Bright Spaces raised €1.85 million in VC investments and was looking to secure €150,000 in a crowdfunding campaign.