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by Property Forum | Industrial

Bridgeston and ESA logistika have opened a 50,000 sqm tyre warehouse where tyres will be shipped for further distribution. The facility is located at at Panattoni Park Poznań East Gate.

What distinguishes the complete warehousing processes that are implemented for Bridgestone is several sustainable solutions that allow obtaining BREEAM Excellent certification. One of them is a 50kWp photovoltaic installation and  technologies in energy and water saving and reducing CO2 emissions. Green relaxation zones are also created around the hall.

Bridgestone is committed to achieving carbon neutrality and the use of 100% sustainable materials by 2050. "Our new project launched with ESA logistika reflects our commitment to creating a supply – chain and logistics with long-term environmental benefits and aligns perfectly with the “Ecology” and “Energy” values in the Bridgestone E8 Commitment", says Elżbieta Oussar, Logistics and Supply Chain Director, Bridgestone Europe East Region. 

The hall is also equipped with systems and tools that automate and facilitate work. These include a warehouse management system created by ESA logistika experts, belt conveyors for unloading and loading individual tyres and stacking them on racks, and at a later stage also robots for transporting tyres and racks for their storage. "Innovation is something that we use at ESA logistika every day. This time we are very lucky that the Bridgestone company is open to all new products and will allow us to act extensively in this area. We plan to automate even such a prosaic matter as keeping the floor clean", says Rafał Łuczak, IT and Implementation Manager at ESA logistika.

Katarzyna Kujawiak, Development Director at Panattoni said: "Last year alone, we delivered about 200,000 sqm for the automotive industry. The valuable experience we've gained in recent years continues to pay off. One of the results is the state-of-the-art logistics center, where our client ESA logistika conducts operations for the global tire leader. Our competence in sustainable construction also proved important in the realization of the facility. To date, we have completed environmental certification in Poland for facilities totaling more than 6 million square meters".