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by Property Forum | Industrial

German bicycle manufacturer CUBE is expanding its operations by launching its first production facility at CTPark Cheb in the Czech Republic, in a new building with 10,000 sqm of space. The new assembly line for bicycles is planned to start in February 2022.

Due to the challenging and complex supply chain, combined with low availability and high costs for transportation, CUBE owner Marcus Pürner decided to expand further and to bring back production capacities from Asia to Europe. We want to increase the added value and create new jobs in Europe. We have already reduced our orders from Asia by about 100,000 bikes”, says Marcus Pürner. In the highest stage of expansion, CUBE is planning with 1,600 bikes/e-bikes per day.

Their desire to maintain its high quality was a key driver in selecting to locate to the Cheb region, which is well known for its trained and technically skilled workforce.

CTPark Cheb benefits from its geographical location near the border, excellent transport links and the region’s qualified workforce.

“CTP is a company full of sport people, which makes me all the more pleased to have a tenant like CUBE. Their products are simply a joy to look at, let alone ride! By the way, the beautiful countryside of the Cheb region is a great place for biking. CTPark Cheb, a premium site, is a perfect base that allows these tenants to grow,” says Jakub Kodr, Head of Business Development at CTP Czech Republic.