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by Property Forum | Investment

Straco Real Estate and Baltisse announce the successful acquisition of a majority stake in SPEEDWELL, a premier real estate developer based in Romania. This strategic move solidifies Baltisse and Straco's commitment to expanding their presence in Eastern Europe, leveraging SPEEDWELL's established reputation and expertise in the region.

Jan Demeyere and Didier Balcaen, founders of SPEEDWELL, will continue to lead the company alongside Baltisse and Straco Real Estate. Their collective vision aims to further enrich SPEEDWELL's development portfolio in Romania while spearheading the company's entry into the dynamic Polish market. With a robust team of 50+ industry professionals, SPEEDWELL’s past and current development portfolio in Romania encompasses more than 150,000 sqm of offices, 23,000 sqm industrial and more than 6,000 residential units and a wide range of additional services within mixed-use development projects.

"This partnership marks an exciting new chapter for SPEEDWELL. Straco Real Estate and Baltisse bring invaluable resources and strategic insight that will accelerate our growth trajectory while maintaining our unwavering commitment to excellence." said Jan Demeyere, Co-founder of Speedwell

Didier Balcaen, Co-founder of SPEEDWELL, echoed these sentiments, stating: "Joining forces with Baltisse and Straco Real Estate represents a tremendous opportunity for SPEEDWELL to expand our footprint and deliver exceptional real estate projects across Romania and Poland. Together, we are poised to capitalize on emerging opportunities in the region and drive sustainable value for our stakeholders."

Straco Real Estate and Baltisse share a collective vision of cultivating long-term partnerships and delivering high-quality developments that enrich communities and drive economic growth.

"We are thrilled to partner with SPEEDWELL, a company known for its innovation and commitment to excellence. This acquisition aligns with our strategic objectives of expanding our presence in Eastern Europe and underscores our confidence in the region's long-term growth potential." said Alex De Witte, CEO at Baltisse Real Estate

"SPEEDWELL's established track record and strong leadership team make them an ideal partner as we enter the Polish market. Together, we look forward to unlocking new opportunities and delivering exceptional value to our stakeholders." added Carl-Philip de Villegas, Managing Partner at Straco Real Estate

The partnership between Baltisse, Straco Real Estate, and SPEEDWELL clearly represents a dynamic collaboration set to redefine the real estate landscape in Eastern Europe and a tremendous opportunity for Speedwell to expand its footprint and deliver exceptional real estate projects across Romania and Poland.