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by Property Forum | Industrial

The automotive industry had a share of 56% of the total demand for production spaces in industrial projects between 2013 and H1 2023, according to CBRE data.

Next is the furniture and electronics fields with shares of 10% and 6% of the total leased area for production purposes.

“Romania's industrial market is thriving, with a potential for future growth further supported by factors such as favorable location, access to road and railway infrastructure, and upcoming state aid schemes,” stated Daniela Gavril, Head of Research, CBRE Romania.

Aside from the local producers, the manufacturers that chose Romania for a production facility are mainly from Europe and the USA. 

The top five countries of origin of the market players, considering the largest leased production area during the analysed period, are Germany, Italy, Romania, the USA, and France. 

“All our data indicates that Romania can still be considered to have hidden gems for production developments, taking into account land availability and limited competition. As the market evolves, addressing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) impacts will also play a crucial role in maintaining sustainability and community acceptance,” added Elena Șerban, Senior Research Analyst at CBRE Romania.

CBRE’s experts point out that the new supply of industrial stock has more than doubled compared to what would have been considered modern stock a decade ago.