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by Property Forum | Industrial

ICT service provider Atman sp. z o.o. has purchased an investment site of nearly 6 hectares in Duchnice, in the municipality of Ożarów Mazowiecki. The transaction process for the Warsaw-based company, including engineering support and the preparation of administrative and legal formalities, was provided by JLL Poland.

Atman is a leader in the Polish data centre market, providing data security and applications using its own fibre-optic network, servers and cloud computing. The company enjoys a domestic market share of an estimated 15%.

"Atman's completion of the purchase of land for the construction of another data centre is a consequence of the company’s long-term investment strategy. In a broader perspective, it is also a contribution to the development of the domestic data centre market, attractive to customers of different scales and competitive with mature Western markets. This strategy serves to fulfil our mission: to provide continuous access to data. We are able to carry it out effectively by commissioning further colocation facilities and providing uncompromising quality services from them", explains Sławomir Koszołko, CEO of Atman sp. z o.o.

The purchased land is located in the municipality of Ozarów Mazowiecki (Duchnice), in the Mazowieckie Voivodeship. The well-developed infrastructure, including national roads and a railway station, ensures that the location is within easy reach for existing and prospective employees. 

"Working on the project for Atman required our experts to delve deep into the specifics of the data centre industry. In the course of preparing the site, we faced a number of challenges from amending the local development plan, through support in negotiations with the owners of the plots to be sold, to meeting the technical requirements for the planned investment, including obtaining conditions for utilities. The list of necessary tasks for such a complex project was long and required a meticulous and efficient plan of action. We are delighted that, thanks to our work, Atman has acquired a new location and will be able to continue developing its business objectives", says Joanna Choromańska, Senior Director in the Industrial Department, JLL.