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by Property Forum | Industrial

Development company Antracit is launching a series of projects in several cities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It is preparing a mixed-use rental project in Ostrava, an office and apartment project and a rental project in Pilsen. A mixed-use rental project is also being prepared in Žilina and another rental project in an industrial area in Prešov, the company announced. 

Antracit is currently preparing several development projects simultaneously in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Most of them are long-term leases or tailor-made lease projects (BTS, i.e. Built-To-Suit) or build-to-own (BTO, i.e. Built-To-Own).

Currently, the zoning procedure is in progress for the Antracit PorubkaPoint project in Ostrava, which is intended for long-term leases in the concept of so-called small business units (SBU). For a two-storey building (usable area of 2,556 m2), there is a possibility of dividing it into several rental units. "Multi-purpose spaces are ideal for light industry, corporate headquarters, shops or services. The great advantage of the location is its accessibility and connection to the D1 motorway. Construction is expected to start during autumn 2022," says Jan Hasík, Managing Director of Antracit Property.

The Antracit Vaclaw multifunctional office and residential project in the centre of Ostrava are in the planning and construction phase. The Antracit Plzeň rental project near the railway station in Plzeň is in the final stage of architectural study. "We implement projects on our land and provide our clients with comprehensive services from design through construction to management and maintenance of the buildings," adds Jan Hasík.

In Slovakia, the construction of utilities has already begun for the Antracit Prešov project in the industrial area in Záborská, which will be used for warehouses, showrooms or shops. The plan is either a 40,850 sqm hall or three separate halls with an administrative part and a separate SBU. The Antracit Senec project, where another logistics hall (6,500 sqm) is under construction, is in the design stage and will also provide smaller rental units. The final stage of the construction procedure is the Antracit Spot project with an attractive location in the Žilina - Považský Chlmec district, which will be used for warehouses, showrooms, and retail outlets or gastro project.