News Article Alza Czech Republic e-commerce retail
by Property Forum | Retail and are launching a cooperation. Customers of the largest Czech online supermarket can have their purchases delivered to selected AlzaBoxes. The boxes involved are specially adapted to keep the food ordered fresh.

"We are continuously expanding our network of AlzaBoxes and gradually opening it up to other players on the market. The connection with Rohlík makes a lot of sense to us, the range of both e-shops complements each other and the customer can simply pick up everything in one place," comments Jan Moudřík, Director of Expansion and Facility Management at, adding: "We are also trying to be environmentally responsible. It doesn't make sense for everyone to build boxes for themselves and not use them to the maximum, so we offer the free capacity to other partners."

The boxes designed for delivering orders from are equipped with cool boxes that can keep food sufficiently chilled for up to 4 hours. Shoppers can also have orders containing goods requiring a continuous cold chain, including frozen food, delivered this way. Purchases must be picked up from AlzaBox within 3 hours of delivery, if not, the goods are returned to the warehouse.

Customers can find AlzaBoxes from which it will be possible to pick up purchases from Rohlik at almost 50 locations across the Czech Republic. Two dozen of them will open in Prague - for example, in OC Stromovka, OC Palladium, Galeria Myšák or near the Cinestar cinema in Smichov. Customers will find three of them in Brno. It will also be possible to pick up purchases from Rohlik in AlzaBoxes from Pilsen to Ostrava.