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by Property Forum | Residential

Romanian developer Alsin Management will invest €40 million in a new residential complex based in Pipera, northern Bucharest. 

The project First Estates Pipera will feature 464 apartments, of which 232 units will be delivered in the first phase by April 2024. The residents will have free heating in the apartments due to a complex energy generation system based on heat pumps and solar panels. 

”The technologies chosen are an innovation on the local residential market and thus the project will use 100% renewable energy and the residents will probably have the lowest maintenance costs on the local market,” stated Andrei Sârbu, CEO of SVN Romania, the real estate consultant, and exclusive agent of the project. 

The residential complex will annually produce an energy surplus of 50% higher than the individual heating consumption of all the apartments in the project, according to the project’s representatives.