News Article Genesis Property office Romania Ștefan Tudos survey
by Property Forum | Office

As Romania has eliminated all pandemic restrictions earlier this week, companies plan to increase the number of employees returning to the office in the near future. 

Nearly 60% of employees say their company's policy is to work only from the office or in a hybrid system with mainly physical presence, while another nearly 30% go to the office only when they need to interact with colleagues or feel the need to socialize. More than 70% want to work from the office in 2022 or at least in a hybrid system, according to a recent survey commissioned by Romanian developer Genesis Property. 

At present, almost 45% of employees work only from their office, as a result of their company’s work policy for this year, and another almost 16% have to go to the office every week, without the employer imposing a certain frequency. 

“People want to go back to the office at least in a hybrid system, and they need healthier workspaces adapted to the work model of the future," said Ștefan Tudos, Genesis Property Vice President. 

Only 34% of employees consider that their office is now safer for their health than it was a year ago, and more than 16% say they are still concerned for their health when they work on-site, considering the evolution of cases earlier this year. Some 90% believe that their colleagues are at least partially compliant with health rules when working in the office. At the same time, more than 26% consider that they face similar risks for their health while en route to the office to when being present in the workplace, with more than 28% using public transport. 

The survey had a sample of 1,073 internet users, of which 57% were women. Over 60% are aged between 20 and 40, and 60% have a net income of more than 3,000 lei.