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by Property Forum | Residential

The Horizon development group has announced a commitment to build all new projects in accordance with internationally recognized BREEAM accreditation criteria for sustainable development. In 2024, projects to be submitted for BREEAM accreditation will include the Blízká project in Prague’s Karlín district, the third phase of Čámovka in Čimice, Arboret in Záběhlice, and both phases of the Aura Statenice project. 

The incorporation of sustainable features already forms a standard part of Horizon's development process. This can be seen in the Modřanka project, which became only the second residential project in the Czech Republic to be BREEAM certified. BREEAM standards also guided the first and second stages of Čámovka and Zahalka respectively, with both projects awarded at the Very Good level.

"If there is an improvement in mortgage rates and the market wakes up, allowing us to commence further construction, we will have five concurrent projects in our portfolio in 2024: the third stage of Zahalka, the Blízká residence in Karlin, the Urbanika residence in Smíchov, the third stage of Čámovka and the first stage of Aura Statenice. These would together provide a total of more than 1,200 units that will all be BREEAM certified," says Yishay Furman, CEO of Horizon Group. "BREEAM is among the most widely used global methods for assessing environmental friendliness and construction standards. We pride ourselves on the quality of our projects, their user-friendliness and timelessness. Sustainable construction processes and operations are an integral part of this, and we believe BREEAM certification will further increase the attractiveness of our portfolio."

Among the specific sustainable solutions that Horizon has already implemented in construction processes are the use of certified wood and other building materials, steps to minimize construction waste including recycling, and energy-saving amenities such as heat pumps in single-family homes. Rainwater is used to irrigate greenery in Horizon projects, while care is taken to ensure that projects are appropriately connected to their surroundings. An example of this approach is the revitalization of Zátišský potok next to the Zahalka project. Those interested in new housing from Horizon can currently choose from available units at Rezidence Zahálka, which is situated by the Vltava River in an attractive location in Prague's Hodkovičky. The project, located next to a golf course, boasts civic and leisure amenities as well as public transport connections. Units are also available at Aura Statenice, located in the valley of the Únětice stream near Prague 6, offering villas with above-standard plot sizes of up to 1,500 sqm.