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by Property Forum | Residential

Alesonor said it would kick off the development of Agora, the facilities component of the Amber Forest residential complex, which includes commercial, medical and sports investments. The developer has already secured a partnership with Pescariu Sports and has leased the first commercial space in the complex located near Bucharest.

Agora Amber Forest will have a built area of 42,000 sqm of which sports and leisure facilities will cover 12,000 sqm. The project will also include a school, kindergarten and afterschool as well as additional leisure facilities.  

„The development of residential projects that provide access to various activities within a 15-minute walking or cycling distance from home in a pleasant, safe environment with green spaces and complex social life will prevail in the future. We created Amber Forest AGORA around this ‘15-minute city’ concept and thus managing to improve the quality of life around the residences,” said Alex Skouras, Managing Partner at Alesonor. 

The first villas in Amber Forest will be completed this year, while the whole project will be completed in several phases by 2026. The complex will feature almost 500 green villas and more than 200 green apartments. The developer said it has already sold close to 400 homes.