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by Property Forum | Economy

According to a new bill, Airbnb landlords in the Czech Republic have to share data with the administrative bodies. Also, the Czech Parliament plans to allow tenants without income due to the coronavirus restrictions not to pay rent until the end of July.

As part of the measures against the coronavirus, a new bill has been passed in the Czech Republic. It obligates landlords of Airbnb and other digital platforms providing private flats as accommodation for tourists to share the data from their contracts with the Czech authorities. The aim of the new law is to help in the tracking of people who had contacts with coronavirus infected persons.

The Czech authorities are testing a smart quarantine system to map coronavirus infected persons’ movements with data provided by mobile network operators and card payments.

Airbnb in the Czech Republic is used mostly by American, British and German tourists. As these countries are under coronavirus lockdown as well, the sector suffers first-hand the effects of the pandemic.  

The lower house of the Czech Parliament has also passed another bill to reduce the economic impact of the restrictions. It will allow tenants with no income affected by the coronavirus crisis not to pay rent until the end of July.

The Czech Republic plans to prolong the state of emergency until 30 April.