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by Property Forum | Career

AFI Europe has appointed Luciana Giurea as the new Head of the Residential Division, tasked with overseeing all residential real estate projects – for rent or sale – in Romania. She will also drive the development of the division within the company.

Giurea, aged 36, holds a degree in Law, and started working for AFI Europe in 2014. She was Leasing Manager for AFI Europe’s mall division in Romania and since May 2019 she was General Manager of AFI Ploiești.

In her new role, she will focus on the development of AFI Home North, the company’s first residential for rent project located in Bucharest. The complex will feature 380 apartments and 400 parking spaces.

“This new role offers Luciana a great opportunity to utilize her leadership skills and real estate expertise in shaping and leading the development of this important division, as part of AFI Europe’s local growth strategy,” said Doron Klein, CEO of AFI Europe Romania and The Czech Republic.

Following Giurea’s new appointment, Sorin Scîntei will oversee the operations of AFI Ploiești.