News Article Accolade Bydgoszcz Poland warehouse
by Property Forum | Industrial

Accolade expands in Bydgoszcz, ultimately investing over €200 million in four modern warehouse parks, with a total area of over 240,000 sqm. At the same time, the investor is launching a new, €40 million project in nearby Piła. 

Accolade's investment activities in Bydgoszcz started in 2016 and have placed it at the forefront of the most important investors in the region. The first two parks have a total area of 87,000 sqm and are fully leased by the leading companies in the logistics and e-commerce industry. The third complex is under expansion, with current, fully leased area amounting to 34,000 sqm. This park will ultimately reach 44,000 sqm. The newest project, located in Lisi Ogon near Bydgoszcz, will consist of three buildings with total surface of 110,000 sqm. The first tenants will move in in Q2 2022.

"Bydgoszcz is a good example of how Accolade chooses its locations. It is a city with over 300,000 inhabitants, a developed infrastructure, and an industrial tradition. It is a large industry, trade and logistics centre and has a developed communication hub. Additionally, being an academic and scientific centre, it offers an access to the qualified workforce, and this is what really counts for us. Thanks to our investments, we have created jobs in the region for over 1320 people, and this number will increase with the development of the parks", says Michał Białas, Country Head of Accolade in Poland.

"A good business environment and an improving accessibility of the city infrastructure-wise, make Bydgoszcz an attractive industrial real estate market, also in terms of capital investments. Additionally, it encourages investors of warehouse and logistics space to implement new projects. Our location is still gaining in value and is appreciated by international players", says Edyta Wiwatowska, Board President of Bydgoszcz Regional Development Agency.

The remarkable success of the Bydgoszcz industrial complexes has paved the way for another expansion in northern Poland - bringing a €40 million investment into Piła. The project will consist of two buildings with a total space of 44,000 sqm, most of which had been leased out before the beginning of construction. "The city is a developing centre of outsourcing services and shared service centres, with over 8,500 small, medium, and large business entities. We are glad that by creating a multi-let industrial park in the city, we contribute to the transformation of the region, and provide the modern infrastructure, thus shaping the future of the regional business", adds Michał Białas. The tenants are the top companies from logistic sector. The park provides an excellent connection to the city center, that is only 5km away.