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A 20,000 square meter logistic centre was taken over by SEG Automotive's domestic unit, which specializes in the development and production starter motors and generators. The technologically advanced warehouse – featuring indoor GPS-tracking – is the largest interconnected hall in the region.

The existing Miskolc site was a shared service unit, so to invest in the sustainable future of the location, global management decided to invest in a new warehouse for its Hungarian branch. The new logistics centreemploys 215 people.
The centre is actively supporting the production of starter motors and generators in nine subfields in the factory just one kilometre away. The total capacity of the warehouse is 18,035 pallets.
The new logistics centre features a next-generation line-up, so the base and packing material is constantly provided for the factory for the next 3 hours. This makes work efficient, minimizes idle time, trucks and other delivery tools are delivering supplies to the factory at the right load level, providing the production lines with raw materials at the right time.
Furthermore, automated bookkeeping based on an indoor positioning system – like GPS-tracking – makes it possible to automatically fill in raw materials that are rolled over through virtual boundaries in the inventory system. So without human interaction, it will be more accurate than ever before to track goods movements, stock inventory, and inventory management. Logistics data can be accessed on digital interfaces across the entire centre.