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by Property Forum | Office

Lightware Zrt, a significant tech company has chosen Hungária Office Park (HOP) developed by Hungarian company Wing. The new tenant is moving its headquarters to the park in autumn 2023, to a 7000 sqm office building, which the developer will fully renovate. Wing was represented by the Eston International agency during the lease negotiations.

The new, Class A headquarters of Lightware will be in the park’s Building 7. In addition to standard office functions, the building will have an engineering level for product development and a logistics base that can serve global customers. 

"Our goal is to create a tech office park that provides quality solutions for all the office needs of the professionals working here and that also meets the special technical requirements that tech companies have regarding their leased properties," said Gábor Angel, Wing’s Deputy CEO for Office Developments.

With this agreement, the complex now has a nearly 100% occupancy rate, and this development will also enhance the overall quality of the building stock. He added that this will form the basis for constructing several new buildings in this development. 

Hungária Office Park’s tenants already include major companies, mostly from the tech sector, like Siemens, TÜV Rheinland and TK Elevator, and now Lightware is joining this community.