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The White Stone Capital Group has purchased the second part of the land in Bielany in the vicinity of Huta Warszawa, at the Młociny metro station. In total, the developer owns a plot of land with an area of ​​200,000 sqm in its portfolio. Work is underway on the concept of creating a multi-stage multi-functional investment with a rich green area preserved.

A few months ago, White Stone finalized its first transaction for an area of ​​nearly 120,000 sq m, then White Stone signed a contract for the purchase of adjacent land with an area of ​​approx. 80 thousand sqm. The developer fully paid for all of the purchased land - the total cost is just over €23 million.

"Nowadays the real estate market needs the greatest possible positive impulses to set a course for changes not only in the existing facilities, but also in the creation of the urban fabric adapted to the new conditions. The location of the Bielany Project provides: great communication, proximity to living zones, greater peace and security thanks to the distance from the crowded center, which gives us a lot of room for action in creating the final concept of this place", says Anna Suchodolska, co-CEO and CFO at White Stone Development.

"By starting work on the details of the project, we have a chance to meet the current expectations and needs of the market, to compose the mix of functions and the schedule for the implementation. We like such challenges and we are eager to take them up. We have an exciting and demanding time of concept work ahead of us. We invited a well-known team of architects and engineers from the Kuryłowicz & Associates Studio to the first stage of the project. The specificity of this investment means that we will plan further activities in an open and unconventional manner. Although it is still rare on the real estate market, in today's realities such flexibility is simply a definite advantage of the investment", comments Katarzyna Szymborska, co-CEO at White Stone Development.

The land purchased by White Stone is located in close proximity to the Młociny Metro station, right next to the P + R parking lot and the route of the Maria Curie-Skłodowska (northern bridge). This means great communication with other districts of Warsaw, regardless of the preferred means of transport. Galeria Młociny and several housing estates are located in the vicinity of the White Stone investment, and Stare Bielany begins a bit further.