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by Property Forum | Career

WE RENT Bucharest, the first residential rental platform in Romania under the Vitan Estate brand, has appointed its Board of Directors at the beginning of this year. Kimberly Vrânceanu was named President of the Council, and Violeta Niculae is a member of the Board of Directors and Executive Director of the platform. 

The company has managed around 400 rental units since 2017 and portfolio of homes for rent totals over $50 million. Another 382 units are in the pipeline and will be added to the WE RENT Bucharest portfolio by 2025. 

"The residential rental market in Romania is starting to mature, although it is still very poorly represented, potential tenants do not have many options, in most cases choosing to rent apartments in older buildings, without facilities,” said Vrânceanu. 

The Executive Director of WE Rent Bucharest added that many people continue to work from home, so they are more attentive to additional comfort, such as sunlight, cleanliness of common spaces and access to the fitness room. 

Vitan Estates is a project belonging to Bucharest Properties REIT, a mutual real estate investment fund, opened in Romania by American investors.