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Walter Herz company has been selected as the exclusive agent responsible for commercialization of warehouse, production and office space in OKAM’s investment located on the site of the former car factory at Jagiellońska Street in Warsaw.

The investment belongs to OKAM company. At the end of July 2021, the developer concluded one of the largest investment transactions ever recorded on the real estate market in Poland. The investor bought industrial areas of 62 hectares along with the buildings of the former car factory in Warsaw district of Żerań. Preparing the location for future investments requires a complex process that will take several years in the preparatory phase alone.

OKAM plans to take a series of measures to make the location more attractive for tenants of commercial space located on the site. The company wants to create a place where current tenants, with whom they intend to continue their long-term cooperation, and future clients will feel safe and comfortable and will be able to fully use the potential of the location to make profit for their business.

"The investment has great potential. It currently has 14 thousand sq m. of available office and retail space and 180 thousand sq m. of warehouse space, as well as 80 thousand sq m. of space intended for exhibition grounds and parking lots. It should be noted that most of the space is distinguished by a wide range of parameters, which may be an ideal solution for customers looking for non-standard dimensions of the lease space. The halls and offices are from 3 to over 20 meters high. The facility provides a large number of car parks and paved areas with high load capacity. The unique advantage of the complex is the internal railway siding. Thanks to the wide variety of premises, we can meet the requirements of even the most demanding customers", says Bartłomiej Zagrodnik, Managing Partner/CEO at Walter Herz.

"Due to the unparalleled urban design of the investment, it is possible to provide tenants who need space with many functions, space of various character in one place. There are conditions for opening, for example, office and warehouse space in combination with a spacious maneuvering yard and a large parking lot, which is rare in an area so close to the center of Warsaw. The above parameters make this place an ideal last mile delivery logistics location", says Piotr Szymoński, Director Office Agency at Walter Herz.

"The tenants also find attractive retail and commercial spaces available in this location for convenience stores and food industry due to the low saturation with this type of institutions in the area, as well as a school, which conducts classes, both in the full-time and part-time mode", adds Piotr Szymoński.

Apart from school, on the site of the former car factory in Żerań, where the last car left the production line in 2011, there is a museum dedicated to the history of the automotive industry in Poland. Tłocznia - hall No. 10, located here is very popular. It is often rented for photo shoots and advertising, and as such, is a good base for a large volume dry warehouse and production line.

The location of the investment provides direct access to the S8 route. The public transport junction with bus, tram and rail lines, as well as bicycle paths is located 250 m from the entrance to the factory premises, thanks to which one can easily get to the center of Warsaw, the airport or outside the city. An underground station is also to be built nearby.

The revitalization of the area of the car factory in Warsaw's Żerań is a huge undertaking. The implementation of the reconstruction plan of this area, after the completion of the several-year preparatory stage, is to take several years. According to the investor, the project is to gain an industrial atmosphere to commemorate the factory used to be the cradle of the Polish automotive industry. This is one of the assumptions of the master plan prepared by the Architecture and Spatial Planning Office of the capital city hall.

OKAM company, which took up the challenge of restoring the due rank to the area of the Warsaw car factory, has solid experience in the field of revitalization of post-industrial areas. Among the projects currently being carried out by the developer is Bohema - Strefa Praga, an investment located in the Praga district of Warsaw, in the area of, among others, the former Pollena-Uroda factory. The investor has also completed projects in Łódź, where he completed the Łódź investment. Work in the area of the former Teodor Meyerhoff factory and Strefa Piotrkowska 217 on the site of the historic iron foundry of Józef John. OKAM also plans to implement a project on plots of the former Danone factory.